Here are some other brilliant and informative websites from the Snooker, Pool & Billiard world. Please have a read:

Paul Hunter Foundation   In memory of Paul Hunter with the specific aim of giving disadvantaged, able bodied and disabled youngsters an opportunity to play snooker

Snooker USA   The official website of the United States Snooker Association

Snooker Delight   Snooker Coach – Improve your game TODAY

RIBSA – Republic Of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association

Snooker Games  Find tips, advice, and practice routines to help you improve your snooker

Bringing Legends Back to the Baize

Snooker HQ   An offspring of DCsportonline – a blog that covered a wide range of sports

Snooker My Love   I blog passionately about snooker

David Grace Snooker   Welcome to the website of snooker professional David Grace

Snooker Snoohoo   Index of all kinds of snooker-related pages and links on the web

147 Academy  PJ Nolan Coaching

Romanian Snooker Federation  Driving the Romanian Federation of Snooker

121 Snooker Coaching  A Qualified Snooker Coach from Northampton in the East Midlands


English Pool Association (EPA)  The governing body for Pool in England

Snooker Canada The official governing body of snooker in Canada

Snooker Tables from Hamilton Billiards

Snooker Scene The magazine that tells you what’s REALLY going on


To purchase Clive Everton’s ‘A History of Billiards book’ from Waterstones please click on the book to the left. Otherwise, copies can be obtained from the publisher Roger Morgan by sending him an e-mail at:   roger . morgan @ englishbilliards . org (please remove the spaces)