A heartwarming example of Fifa’s fabled capacity for bridge-building

A heartwarming example of Fifa's fabled capacity for bridge-buildingFiver readers of a certain age will be aware the hedonistic highlight of any ambassador’s reception is usually the arrival of an elderly gentleman dressed as a snooker referee bearing a painstakingly assembled pile of Ferrero Rocher on a platter. Today, however, the word from South America is that Fifa are about to crank things up a notch. While Diego Maradona’s appointment to an ambassadorial role with world football’s governing body does not automatically mean guests at their lavish soirees can expect to be offered mountains of a stimulant that is considerably less fattening than chocolate, the Argentinian’s one-time fondness for jazz salt suggests many will attend in a state of cautious optimism.

This article was originally published at Eurosport

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